Study Guide

If you are interested in learning more about Spiritism for yourself, or to facilitate discussion in a classroom setting:

1.  The book, “Kardec’s Spiritism,  is a primer on Spiritism and reveals the inner workings of several different kinds of contemporary Spiritist Centers in Brazil. It can also be used as a guideline for starting a Spiritist Center in your community–or importing components of Spiritist Centers into your community group. It completely dispels the myth that Spiritism is about voodoo. It clarifies that Spiritists practice a way of life of direct communion with benevolent highly evolved spirits–for personal growth and to assist others.

2. Read “Spiritism and Mental Health“–a more academic text with chapters written by Brazilian psychiatrists and psychologists as well as North American researchers and healthcare providers from the UK.

3. Join a tour to visit Spiritist Centers. Emma Bragdon offers presentations and discussion on these tours.  Her Brazilian associates give tours of specific centers and hospitals where treatments can be both observed and experienced first hand and participants can discuss the treatments with the practitioners.  These tours and classes are sponsored by Visit — for the schedule, itinerary, and costs.