“A Light bridge is being formed among all spiritual practices…the inward lineage is being given to a rainbow mix of men and women of all races… Our challenge is to quiet ourselves so that we may listen and see, and then to move ourselves to action.” –Brooke Medicine Eagle

Emma Bragdon, PhD. is available to speak on radio and TV, in classrooms, to church groups, learning and community centers, to share this DVD, “Spiritism: Bridging Spirituality and Health“, and her experiences in Brazil in Spiritist Commuity Centers and as the Ambassador of a Spiritist Psychiatric Hospital.

Dr. Bragdon has made numerous radio interviews on this topic as well as speaking about  her other books: contemporary spiritualist centers in Brazil, the process of spiritual awakening, and the crises an individual may face when opening spiritually.

Licensed in California as a Marriage, Family, Child Therapist, in her consulting work she specializes in assisting individuals who are integrating experiences beyond ego. Her first two books were about helping people in spiritual emergency, the disorientation that comes with profound spiritual experiences.

After visiting Brazil more than 25 times, Dr. Bragdon now believes as many Brazilians do: Everyone has a gift as a ‘sensitive’ (aka, medium or intuitive)—and it strengthens our physical, mental and emotional well-being to uncover these gifts, harness them, and share them with our communities. She feels that Brazilian Spiritists have developed ways to assist people of all ages evolve spiritually and avoid spiritual emergencies.

Contact: Dr. Emma Bragdon
Phone: 802-674-2919