From Len Saputo, MD, Medical Director of the Health Medicine Center and Health Medicine Forum in Walnut Creek, California.

This is an important contribution to our understanding of humanity…a major achievement!…Emma Bragdon indulges our minds with story and understanding of what Spiritism is and how it operates. More importantly, she takes us beyond the mind to our deepest level of soul awareness that knows far more than we comprehend. She brilliantly demonstrates that our connection with spirit is innately woven into the essence of what man has been and always will be.

From Rustum Roy, PhD., Professor of Science Technology and Society Emeritus, Pennsylvania State University. Founder and President of Friends of Health: fostering the art and science of whole person healing

Emma Bragdon builds on her extensive experience with John of God to bring us a broader perspective on the Spiritist Healing movement. This is a great teaching instrument for those interested in Whole Person Healing.

From Barbara Bock, RN, MPS.

This film provides hope where traditional medicine fails.

From Robert Mercury, CMT.

This film offers a beacon of light for those in the darkness of depression.

From Carlos Fapigliani, Bezerra de Menezes Spiritist Group

An excellent introduction to Spiritism…

From Admir Serrano, author “Dying Is Not The End”, lecturer at Bezerra de Menezes Spiritist Group, Miami, Florida

A great introduction to Spiritism for our American brothers and sisters.

From Anastasia Chao, Hong Kong:

“Spiritism” is simply and intelligently presented. It reminds me of Bill Moyer’s interviews with Joseph Campbell. I feel this DVD could potentially reach universities as research material on further understanding of the subject. I was initially not attracted to the subject due to pre-conceived impressions, but by watching this documentary it has opened up an interest to possibly read up on it more.

From Fernanda Freitas, medium/healer in Brazil, wrote about the books of Emma Bragdon:

The thing I like the most about your writing is the ability to be clear, truthful and passionate. At the same time it shows the responsibility of an academic paper. Anyone who reads Kardec’s Spiritism or Spiritual Alliances is able to understand exactly how Spiritism works. The books don’t sound mystic.

When we spoke you mentioned that your books do not please some Spiritists in Brazil. I thought a lot about that. We have to bear in mind the amount of criticism this religion has had until very recently. I remember as a child, I was linked to voodoo and bad spirits just because I was Spiritist I believe it will change in the future (when people understand we do not work with voodoo or bad spirits).

Be patient. You’re doing great and playing an important role in modern days. How can we consider the possibility of having Spiritism spread worldwide without the help of people like you?