Spiritism: The Story

Spiritist therapies have been extraordinarily effective in helping people heal from both physical and mental diseases. This inspiring 33-minute documentary heart-fully reveals the details of healing work in Spiritist Centers and hospitals in Brazil and the USA. Those who practice and advance the Spiritist Therapies have much to teach us about how spirituality, and specifically Spiritism, can effect wellness and help our ailing health care systems be more effective. They can certainly stimulate important discussions on what makes us healthy and what makes us ill.

Spiritists have defined the landscape of how disembodied beings interact with those still in body.  They have originated modes of healing that address the subtle energies of the body and emotions to increase wellness. Their precepts dispel the many scary ideas we have about life after death, and bring a great deal of comfort to those who have feared death and the afterlife. Viewers will abandon preconceived notions that Spiritism is a form of black magic, and see a different idea entirely. This film is thus useful for cross-cultural studies.

Watch and be inspired by both Brazilian and North American leaders within Spiritism, students of Spiritism,  mediums and healers being trained at Spiritist Centers!  Daniel Benor, MD., a psychiatrist and author, recounts his inner voyage from skepticism to believer in spiritual healing. Psychiatrist Johann Grobler, MD, speaks authoritatively on the necessity to attend to the health of the etheric body in order to maintain health. Marlene Nobre, MD, President of the International Medical Spiritist Association, describes details of how Spiritist healing works.

Contemplate: Whereas we in the USA are just beginning to understand that a strong spiritual life goes hand in hand with increasing wellness–in Brazil, Spiritist Centers which support spiritual growth and healing independent of the ritual or authority of conventional churches– have been developing for 150 years. Whereas we are only beginning to see that health involves body, mind and spirit, Spiritists have built a way of life based on physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Within that system, individuals gifted as intuitives and healers are given adequate supervision to use these gifts for spiritual evolution and to help others.

Shot on location by professional film crews in Brazil and the USA

In English with option for Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese or French subtitles.
Format: NTSC, suitable for DVD players, computers and projectors.

Price: $24.95 plus S&H. You may order a copy directly through www.createspace.com/243118, a secure site.