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Online Course: Take When Convenient for YOU
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Going Beyond Anxiety and Depression:
Improving Wellbeing Without Medication*

Emma Bragdon, PhD is the facilitator for this 4 module course including  2 bonus videos.

Dates: Take at your own convenience.

More Information:

Students will build community of support and dialogue:  interacting with each other online, exchanging perspectives, as well as interacting with facilitator.   Modules will be offered  for 4 weeks.  Each module has activities and events and requires approximately  2 hours a week of your time (unless you want to give more time/focus). Activities: online group discussion, watching videos, listening to music, brief meditation, journaling, reading short articles, connecting via tele-seminar and a webinar. A certificate of completion will be given to those who complete the course.

The first bonus module will be sent to you on sign up: it is ranked as one of the funniest 8-minute videos ever!

1)    Welcome: Meet Emma Bragdon, PhD, the Facilitator

  • 7 Things Brazil Teaches Us About The Path to Wellness
  • The Taproot of Well-Being ·     
  • Flying Home With The Wisdom Bundle

2)  Putting Yourself on the Map 

  • Contemplating “Normal”: Is This the Destination You Want?
  • Signs You Are On the Path to Normal
  • Staking Your Claim to Love and Profound Joy

3) Taking a Peek at the Peak: A Radical Step Towards Health

  • Mapping the Road to Joy
  • Expert, Paula Sellars, MSW, on “No More Bad Hair Days”
  • Give Yourself The Gift of Deep Relaxation–in a Nutshell

4)   How Psychiatric Medications Can Hold Us Back

  • Expert, Robert Whitaker, on the Anatomy of the Mental Illness Epidemic     
  • Meet Two Peer Groups Who Lend a Hand and Help Move Us Forward


5)     Breaking the Limits: Exploring Empowering Strategies

  • Meet People Who Are Successfully Going Beyond the Medical Model
  • 14 Ways to Deliberately Create Mental Health
  • 10 Ways to Get More & Go Deeper into The Territory

6)   Q & A Tele-seminar with Emma Bragdon, PhD

  The last bonus module, a 20-minute guided meditation, on completion of the course.

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* This course is for educational purposes.  If you are feeling overwhelmed by your personal circumstances please consult a trusted healthcare provider.  This course is not a substitute for personal one on one care or medical advice.