There are many individuals and groups I am aligned with in forwarding Integrative Health. Here are several that I recommend:

Robert Whitaker won the highest award for Investigative Journalism for his book, Anatomy of an Epidemic, which documents the long-term effects of psychiatric medications. His new website offers comments about current events and news items vis a vis the appropriate and inappropriate use of psychiatric medications:

Alexander Moreira-Almeida, MD is a Brazilian and leading spokesman regarding the relationship between spirituality and mental health. As a Spiritist and psychiatrist, he is able to offer great insight into the value of Spiritual therapies. A collection of relevant articles in English can be found on!bves-historia/cv6q

The Medical Spiritist Association has an office in the USA. One of its main functions is to organize a conference once every two years to increase dialogue bridging medicine and spirituality. See for more information.

Dr. Larry Dossey ( has been a pioneer in the USA documenting the healing effects of prayer and the value of employing the effects of non-local consciousness in healing.

Dr. Daniel Benor is the North American psychiatrist who tells his story of transformation from nonbeliever to believer in the effects of spiritual healing in the documentary film Spiritism: Bridging Spirituality and Health. You can view or purchase this 30-minute film at by clicking here.  See his website ( for information about his online international journal.

The Self Realization Fellowship is an organization begun by a fully awakened spiritual master that assists people seeking empowering support on the path to self realization.  It has centers all over the world.

Spiritual Emergence Network (USA)  SEN provides individuals that are experiencing difficulties with psychospiritual growth a therapist referral and support service.  As of February 2015 SEN is a part of the Stanislav and Christina Grof Foundation.  Click to read the full announcement.

Spiritual Crisis Network (UK)  SCN acts as a resource providing help and information for those going through or recovering from spiritual crisis, as well as professionals, carers and supporters of those going through or recovering from spiritual crisis.

The Grof Foundation/ International Spiritual Emergence Network: ISEN provides a collaborative platform that connects networks around the world that offer compassionate support to those who understand their experiences to be a spiritual crisis rather than a mental illness.  It is currently under the umbrella of the Grof Foundation, furthering the legacy of Christina Grof and Stanislav Grof, MD.

ACISTE, The American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences: provides conventions bi-annually and trainings for providers to become more competent with supporting those with spiritually transformative experiences.

Heads Together

Heads Together