Spiritism“Spiritism: Bridging Spirituality and Health”  (2008) This 33-minute documentary colorfully reveals Brazilian Spiritism through visiting Spiritist Centers and Hospitals in Brazil and in the USA. These spiritual therapies have been extraordinarily effective in helping people heal from both physical and mental diseases. The viewer sees practical applications for energy work in hospitals and community centers. A stimulating educational and provocative film, especially relevant for discussions about integrative medicine and the new paradigm of health management. Click here to visit the website for this film.

Option to view with subtitles in Spanish, Portuguese or French.

Included in the film are:

  • Daniel Benor, MD (psychiatrist), who speaks of his transition from skeptic to believer.
  • Marlene Nobre, President of the International Spiritist Medical Association, who describes Spiritist healing work.
  • Jorge Daher, MD (endocrinologist) who tells about Spiritist therapies at Spiritist Psychiatric Hospital of Anapolis, Brazil.
  • Jussara Korngold, Director of the Spiritist Group of New York, who defines mediumship.
  • Elza D’Agosto, Co-coordinator of the Newark Spiritist Center Love and Light, who shares about Spiritism in USA
  • Elsie Dubugras (100 years old), a researcher, magazine editor, and Spiritist (for more than 50 years) transmits the essence of Spiritism

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