Brazil Trips for Health Professionals


The producers of “CrazyWise” interviewed Emma Bragdon in October, 2014, while documenting the Brazil trip.  Above is a short clip.

“I arrived in Brazil a physician full of questions armed with experiences in integrative medicine, but was a novice with the spiritual aspect of healing.  My two weeks with Emma Bragdon, PhD immersed in Spiritism… have changed my spiritual paradigm, and shown me the path from physician to healer.  The personal shift is undeniable – the outward expression of this shifting unfathomable”.  —Shawn Tassone, MD, PhD, and author of “Spiritual Pregnancy”.


Discover a new paradigm in mental health care that addresses the spiritual aspects of illness and treatment in an ecumenical way, alongside attending to the biological and emotional aspects of disturbances. Many have gotten a glimmer of this paradigm through John of God’s work; few have stepped into the breadth of opportunities for both personal transformation and change in our health care systems that the 50 Spiritist hospitals and 13,000 Spiritist centers reveal.

Exploring Hospital Grounds

(Grounds of the Spiritist Hospital Euripedes Barsanulfo in Goiania, Brazil)

Participants are in small groups, no larger than ten.  We  have on-site tours, hear presentations by hospital president and staff, update on research, watch diagnosis and treatment via mediums and medical intuitives, and (if you wish) personally experience Spiritist treatments individually. These are given by Brazilian psychiatrists and other MDs who are also mediums and work at the Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals; as well as mediums and medical intuitives who have been working effectively with patients for many years. You also are permitted to watch teams of 8-10 mediums working together in “syntonie” (an amazing harmony that is close to “oneness”) to benefit patients who had seemed incapable of making positive change.

These Spiritist hospitals are unique to Brazil, held in high regard, and offer an 80-year tested form of integrative health care involving body, mind and spirit.  They are attentive to diet and often use homeopathic remedies and herbs along with other kinds of micro-nutrients to assist patients trying to regain balance.

Clinico Francisco de Assis

Emma Bragdon, PhD. is your guide and facilitator for the week.  She spent 5-6 months each year from 2001-2012 in Brazil studying, and then publishing books and producing documentary films about Spiritist Centers and Psychiatric Hospitals in Brazil.  During this time she led more than 60 groups to visit centers in Brazil.  She has published four books and produced two films to document and share what she has seen.

Other Presenters: Each of the presenters  are wise and well-trained professionals who are not only deeply involved in their specific fields, but also pioneering—reaching out to establish a way of work that integrates the best in health care practices from all over the world.

Jeziel Ramos, MD is a psychiatrist and President of the Hospital Euripedes Barsanulfo ( in Goiania.  The hospital has residential and outpatient facilities, an elementary school, and a community center on its grounds.  Dr. Jeziel has been a Spiritist all his life.

Dagmar Ramos, MD is a medical doctor, homeopath, and practitioner of Hellinger Family Constellations, and Barbara Brennan’s work.  She has been recently focused on helping addicts recover fully from addiction through residential and outpatient programs.  She is very active as a medium at the Spiritist Center “Ramatis” in Goiania (  She is Dr. Jeziel’s sister and also grew up in a Spiritist family and has maintained that loyalty all her life.

Sergio Vencio, MD, is an endocrinologist, a researcher, the managing editor of a scientific journal about Diabetes and Metabolic Issues, a professor, published author and medium.  He is very involved with the expansion of the Ramatis Spiritist Center in Goiania and interested in sharing Spiritist resources with the rest of the international community.  In 2014 he  published a book on what his mediumistic group has learned about the astral world and how it prepares souls for reincarnation.

One week trips will be from Saturday to Saturday: (2018 dates are November 3-10)

(You can extend your trip to visit psychic surgeons who work in Abadiania or Salvador, Brazil)

The weeklong seminar offers an in depth introduction to how wellness is supported in Spiritist Centers and Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals and clinics in Brazil.

We  stay in a 4-star hotel in Goiania, Brazil for seven days.  It’s a comfortable, secure hotel with international standards. The hotel provides  phone and high speed internet services as well as flatscreen  TV in each room, an excellent restaurant, sumptuous breakfast from 6-10am each morning,  an outdoor garden and sitting area, free espresso machine, and a workout room.  There’s a 54 acre park across the street for walking and bird/monkey watching, and we are close to a large shopping mall with more excellent choices of restaurants. The hotel is close to a pioneering hospital and clinic, and progressive Spiritist centers.

Continuing education units for psychologists, psychotherapists, nurses and doctors are available for those wanting to enhance their knowledge of spirituality in healing as a significant component of integrative health care.


(Jeziel Ramos,MD, president of the Spiritist Hospital Euripedes)

Classroom activity  covers theory as well as practical application and will give participants a good introduction to understand and experience the value of spirituality in health,  what spiritual treatments are being used in the Spiritist hospitals, and how these treatments interface with other more conventional care, like psychiatric drugs.

We discuss how to import some components of Spiritist practices to the USA and abroad.  This can include psychiatrists collaborating openly with mediums, the use of medical intuition, energy work, peer counseling with paraprofessionals, blessed water, the practice of prayer, and spirit release, as well as training mediums and healers following Spiritist principles.

Nurse & Dagmar Ramos, MD

(Nurse with Dagmar Ramos, MD)

The certificate participants receive documents their attendance in learning about Spiritist therapies. (We will not give certification to practice the mediumship work that Spiritism is known for, as practicing as a medium in situations involving patients, takes many years of supervised practicum.)

These trips include  one day of R&R at a colonial village with access to hiking, swimming and waterfalls.  We are served a delicious brunch at the farmhouse of a primal forest that  includes 40 homemade items made from local ingredients.  The town boasts lovely restaurants by the river and excellent shopping for Brazil’s best handcrafts, woven goods, gems, clothing and jewelry.  This is the day to buy gifts for loved ones at home.


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