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Producers of the film, “CrazyWise” interviewed Emma Bragdon in October, 2014 and documented the seminar for health providers visiting Brazil.  This vid tells a bit about Dr. Bragdon’s personal story and what she finds important about Spiritist treatments.

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With the help of her Brazilian associates, who include the President of a Spiritist Psychiatric Hospital, Dr. Bragdon facilitates  international groups of health professionals once a year.   We explore the theory and watch the practices of  Spiritist Community Centers and Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals in Brazil which include energy work and a kind of exorcism, aka spirit release.  This amazing wellness paradigm that Spiritists have developed in Brazil  is integrative: attending to body, mind and spirit (with the belief in reincarnation and karma).

In 2014 Audio-Digest chose Bragdon’s talk at ACISTE’s annual conference for publication and distribution.  It’s on the subject of Brazilian Spiritism and titled  “Compassionate Care and Spiritually Transformative Experiences.”  You can hear the complete talk HERE. Or listen to a brief clip by clicking:

What others say:

“Dr. Bragdon skillfully prepares you for an experience that without her guidance, would be mediocre at best. As your personal guide, her tour guarantees a wonderful experience with mediumship as practiced in Brazil.”

         —John L. Turner, MD, Neurosurgeon, Author: Medicine, Miracles and Manifestations

“For a guide on this journey, I highly recommend Emma Bragdon.  She has solid professional credentials and many years of impressive work as a scholar.   Emma has a great personality and she creates many rich opportunities which would be completely unavailable to those with less knowledgeable, experienced, and insightful guides.”

         —Karen Ziegler, MSN, MDiv, DMin, Nurse Practitioner; Faculty, Duke U. School of Medicine

Dr. Bragdon was honored to become the (one and only) Ambassador of one of the best and largest Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals.  Clearly, they trust her understanding of Spiritism and the Spiritist treatments, and know she can thus guide people appropriately who come from outside Brazil.

These Spiritist centers do not have one single healer who is the focus of the healing work–but many healers and mediums who work together in small groups to facilitate healing.  The centers and hospitals also offer classes  to help individuals recover physical and mental health, encourage inner transformation, train  mediums and healers, and support spiritual evolution.

Dr Bragdon is encouraging health professionals to bring what they learn from these centers back home to improve our ailing health care systems outside of Brazil.  They have much to offer us.  In exchange, the tours donate financial support to the not for profit organisations that share expertise via qualified teachers on these trips.

Here are photos of the first groups of MDs, nurses and health providers who have come:

Group Shot



2014groupatCasa Euripedes


We have fun!  Including time to relax, eat great food, and explore Brazil.  Conversations around the table are stimulating and the visits we make to the Spiritist Centers, meeting and learning from  Brazilian psychiatrists and mediums is very exciting.  Networking with health providers with similar interests has been fruitful for everyone!

* * *Note: From Spring, 2001-Spring 2012, Emma Bragdon took small groups to visit John of God’s center in Brazil 4-5 times a year–60 groups in all.  She also took time to visit Spiritist Centers all over Brazil as she spent 6 months of each year in Brazil.  She has written several books about Spiritism (click here for more info) and co-produced two films on  topics related to spirituality and health.

She says, “Working in these sanctuaries of healing was a profound teacher for me.   By being part of the communities, I was introduced to many Spiritist leaders.  At their invitation I was allowed to spend lengths of time observing and in some ways participating in the activities inside the hospitals.”

Reports are there are about 13,000 other Spiritist Centers in Brazil and 50 Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals! If you are interested in visiting John of God’s healing center in Abadiania or watching the psychic surgeon, Dr. Fritz (above), in Salvador, Brazil after the one week seminar–let us know.  We can help you extend your trip to include this opportunity!

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