The Call of Spiritual Emergency

The Call of Spiritual EmergencyThe Call of Spiritual Emergency:
From Personal Crisis
to Personal Transformation

  • Are you re-evaluating your life because of feelings that we are in a global crisis of immense proportions?
  • Have you felt disoriented by being close to death–yours or someone else’s?
  • Have you seen life from a new perspective as a result of illness, injury, childbirth, drug experiences, sex or meditation?
  • Is God becoming more prominent in your life?
  • Have you had premonitions or other psychic experiences that left you wondering about extrasensory perceptions?
  • Have you spoken to a medium who contacted the dead, and it scared you?
  • Have you questioned what is real about these experiences–and wondered how they fit into your religious orientation?

Learn how to deal with the disorientation of life-transforming experiences by reading how others used them to change their lives for the better.

“Our hospitals and addiction treatment centers are full of people in such crises. Thank you, Dr. Bragdon, for explicating this phenomena so clearly for a Western world that is now becoming spiritualized. This work has evolutionary implications for the field of human psychology.”
Jacquelyn Small, MSW, author of Transformers:The Therapists of the Future.

“Bragdon’s wise and readable book sets us on a new path of beginning to integrate the genuinely spiritual into Western culture and shows us how to be compassionate and helpful to people undergoing spiritual emergence and emergency.”
Charles Tart, PhD., author of Open Mind, Discriminating Mind and Transpersonal Psychologies.

“An excellent guide to knowing what to do when one has a spiritual emergency- of inestimable help in spreading awareness of the meaning of these episodes and encouraging creative response.”
Willis Harman, past-president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and author.

“A useful collection of information and anecdotes that suggests that we weren’t crazy, after all.”
Ram Dass, author of Be Here Now!

ISBN: 0-06-250104-6, Harper and Row, San Francisco, 1990. 250 pages

Includes Index, Notes, Glossary, Resources for help, instructions for those in helping roles.

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