Spiritual Alliances

Spiritual Alliances:Discovering the Roots of Health at the Casa de Dom Inácio
Author: Emma Bragdon, PhD.
Foreword by Stanley Krippner, PhD.
Lightening Up Press, 2002.

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150 pages, each page has original graphics or photos
Softcover, Perfect-bound, trade paperback,
size: 8 1/2” x 11” oblong, ISBN# 0962096032
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SPIRITUAL ALLIANCES reveals ancient dimensions to healing that have been forgotten by conventional medicine. One day these methods will be taught in our medical schools because of a compelling reason: they work. For a look at the majestic power of consciousness, compassion, and prayer in healing, Dr. Emma Bragdon’s book is highly recommended.
—— Larry Dossey, MD
Author “Healing Beyond The Body, Reinventing Medicine,” and “Healing Words”
Past Executive Editor, “Alternative Therapies in Health & Medicine”

“Remarkable…well-written. Spiritual Alliances makes a case for expanding our form of health care.” (For complete review, click here.)  http://www.ivanhoe.com/channels/p_channelstory.cfm?storyid=7215
– Alice T. MacMahon, RN, MPH
Ivanhoe Health Correspondent

“Joao de Teixera is a phenomenon. The healing that occurs in the community around him is deep and powerful and appears, for many, to be lasting. This is an important and fascinating look at his work and his community and at some of the mystery of healing and wholeness.”
—James S Gordon, MD
Founder and Director of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine
Author “Manifesto for a New Medicine: Your Guide to Healing Partnerships and the Wise Use of Alternative Therapies “

“An insightful, enlightening, yet sound approach… I highly recommend this book to all who are seeking to expand their understanding of holistic health and healing and it’s relationship to spiritual healing.”
— Ron Roth
Author “Reclaim Your Spiritual Power”

“This book should be read by every student in medical school.”
— Johann Grobler, MD
Lydenburg, South Africa

“This carefully crafted manuscript is an unpretentious presentation of the facts related to the healer Joao of Deus and of the old, Spiritist healing tradition in Brazil. Most people will find the stories of physicians and patients as they relay their experiences with Joao de Deus to be awe inspiring and compelling. Bragdon lets the stories speak for themselves, without any hint of the true-believer’s fanaticism, but then gently invites us to imagine how our healthcare system might be different if we took these stories, and the data that is being slowly accumulated at the Casa, seriously.”
– –Janet F. Quinn, PhD, RN, FAAN
International Consultant/Speaker on Integrative Medicine, Spirituality and Healing;
Author of “Therapeutic Touch: Healing Through Human Energy Fields”, (Videotape Series) and “I Am A Woman Finding My Voice” (Quill, 1999)

“I truly enjoyed SPIRITUAL ALLIANCES and am tremendously impressed with Bragdon’s writing skills and the manner in which she presented the material. I truly believe that the information in her book would be an inspiration and provide hope to any person reading it, and want it to be available to the general public in a major way. The material, the words of wisdom that Bragdon shares, as well as from those whom she interviewed would benefit all of society.”
— Nick Bunick
Author “In God’s Truth”
whose story was also the subject of the best seller “The Messengers” By Julia Ingram and G. W. Hardin.

“SPIRITUAL ALLIANCES offers us an encouraging alternative to our assumptions about what heals the human body. With more and more westerners witnessing the work at Casa de Don Inacio, it’s only a matter of time until the North American public discovers its beauty and impact. May this publication hasten the founding of such healing centers outside of Brazil and inside our own hearts.”
– –Hob Osterlund, RN, MS, CHTP
Clinical Coordinator, Pain Management Services
The Queen’s Medical Center
Honolulu, Hawaii

“SPIRITUAL ALLIANCES is a work of beauty and love. Bragdon’s devotion and compassion come through in every sentence. It is rare to find writing with so much warmth and feeling coming through in every phrase.”
— James Oschman, PhD
Author “Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis”

“This book is not just good or even just great. It is important! It’s the most valuable book I’ve yet read on truly holistic healing versus allopathic and because of the author’s heritage and focus, puts her in a perfect position to discuss this subject powerfully especially for ’seeking’ allopaths.”
– –Alan Bolotin, Travel for Enlightenment

“I just finished reading your book, and I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed it thoroughly! I found the book to be very informative and a joy to read. Thanks for this wonderful contribution toward the promotion of spirit in our world.”
— Steve Van Dusen, Visitor to Casa De Dom Inaçio

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