Bio-Electricity for Health

Using Electricity for Rejuvenating the Body
by Emma Bragdon, PhD.

“All electromagnetic fields produce biological effects.”– Dr. Robert Becker, from his book, Cross Currents

Are you fatigued, and you can’t seem to ever get back to your full energy? Do you wonder if your body has the energy it needs to heal itself, and stay vital?

Electricity has been systematically used for medical purposes since the early part of the 19th century—to bring energy into the body. Currently, there are conflicting ideas about the value of its effectiveness in healing, but reputable doctors have found plenty of evidence of its positive potential. If used correctly—electro-medicine has no side effects, is non-invasive, and revitalizes the body’s own ability to heal itself.

A sixty-year-old woman, Karin, came to a clinic in Brazil that uses bio-electric devices for healing. Karin had pancreatic cancer. Her brother, Roger, is a well-known physician in Brazil. He could see from Karin’s X rays and blood tests that her three tumors were a malignant type, and feared that if she had surgery the cancer would more quickly spread throughout her body. Roger thought a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment would be better. So, he brought her for treatment with bio-electric devices. Although her oncologist had recommended surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, Karin had refused it.

After one month of treatments with bio-electric devices, Karin’s cancer was half the size it had been at the beginning of the month. Six months later there was not a trace of cancer in her system.

I met the inventor of the devices Karin used in Brazil in April, 2003. Formerly an extraordinarily powerful spiritual healer, Paul was now engineering electrical apparatuses for healing. I was impressed and moved by my personal experiences in his clinic—which I document in a chapter of the book Kardec’s Spiritism—and wanted to learn more. Particularly impressive to me were stories I heard from his patients, some of whom had experienced remission of brain cancer, or the ending of panic disorder. One patient had been brought back to health from a condition of sepsis, when the doctors had given up. From what I could see, there clearly are positive health benefits of certain frequencies of electricity used at a low voltage, and some of the devices are easy to use at home and inexpensive to purchase.

On my return to the USA, off I went to the ISSSEEM (International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine) conference of June 2004 and the Whole Person Healing Summit Conference of April, 2005, because each one of these professional group meetings dedicated considerable time to discussing the possibilities of new protocols of rejuvenation of the body using electricity.

I can share some key points for you, and possibly encourage you to look further into this fascinating avenue for strengthening the body’s ability to heal itself.

One authority I often quote is Robert Becker, MD. He began his career as an orthopedic surgeon, but came to be called the Father of Electro-medicine because of his seminal research. He deserves the title. His books give ample grounding to the field. He is the author of Cross Currents: The Perils of Electropollution, the Promise of Electromedicine (1990), and co-author, with Gary Selden, of The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life (1985). Becker is the most well-known researcher and respected voice regarding the uses and abuses of electricity in health. From Becker’s perspectives we get some understanding of the current players exploring electro-medicine and the effects of electricity on the body.

The Positive and Negative Poles of Electricity in our Lives
By the 1920’s, when we were enjoying electric lighting and listening to radio, mainstream medicine had concluded that the only way electricity could have an impact on the body was if it was strong enough to produce shock or burns. Conventional science refused to believe that living organisms produced electro-magnetic fields. In short, the “life force” did not exist. From the mainstream mechanistic perspective, all living things are diverse bio-chemical machines, which will ultimately be understood through biochemistry. Our medical system invested in the perspective that each disease had a single cause and a single therapy—which would be either surgical or chemical. Antibiotics and other highly effective medicines were developed as a result of this perspective.

Electronics were applied to creating power and communications. Developments in electronics radically changed the quality of our lives, giving us clearer radio reception, TV, computer technology, radar, and X ray. But these technological advances also saturated our atmosphere with radio-waves and electro-magnetic radiations which we were not used to. They created electrical frequencies not found in nature. Currently, electrical power of up to 220,000 volts is being transmitted over distances of hundreds of miles. More recently came microwaves, satellite transmitters and relay stations that now blanket the earth from 25,000 miles out in space. Military satellites cruise over earth bouncing radar beams off its surface to produce images deemed necessary for surveillance.

Unfortunately, few people have grasped the fact that electromagnetic forces can have negative biological effects. We have been en-tranced with the advances we have made which accelerate international business, allow us to watch news from the other side of the world as it is happening, transform frozen food into dinner within minutes, catapult medical diagnostics to a new platform of detail (eg MRI, CAT scanners), and employ new forms of military prowess which reinforce our position as a “super-power”. In fact, our military programs now rely on the use of microwave and high voltage electronics to the point that it would be a challenge to national security to expose the idea that the use of this equipment has public health risks.

If you review the history of testing the health risk of electrical devices, you see that the military sponsors tests to prove to the public that high voltage electronics do not have a negative effect on human health; simultaneously, the military is studying how high power pulsed microwave can be effective weaponry against human beings and short, intense bursts of electromagnetic energy 100 miles above the earth can disable communication systems and computers in a radius of 1,500 miles. According to a 1982 US Air Force review of biotechnology, extremely low frequency has a number of potential military uses including crowd control…Becker summarized “the military may yet be able to completely control the minds of the civilian population”.

“The explosive growth in our use of electric power has occurred with few questions being asked about the safety of living things exposed to these abnormal fields. It was simply assumed that the laws of physics guaranteed that there could be no interactions between unseen fields and living things. When questions of safety arose, the questioner was placed in the position of seeming to be irrationally ‘against progress’. However, the reason that questions of safety arose was that despite the theories, biological effects were noticed.”

The Bad News: Harmful Effects of High Voltage Electromagnetic Energy

What were some of these effects? Research sponsored by the military conflicts with some independent research, but Dr. Becker was confident in making certain conclusions: that chronic exposure to non-thermal levels of microwave causes latent cataracts…unexplained bleeding as well as a significant excess of leukemias and brain tumors in workers exposed to low-strength microwaves…continuous microwave exposure produces an extremely high level of stress leading to hyperactivity of adrenals, pituitary and thyroid glands, which lead to compromising the immune system and an increase in cancer…exposure to microwave transmitters increases the incidence of genetic abnormalities such as Down’s syndrome, embryonic malformations as well as all types of cancers …exposure to high levels of electromagnetic radiation, beyond 30Hz, leads to a significant increase in the development of cancer of the brain…as of 1989, 60 Hz magnetic fields (found not in high voltage wires but the connecting lines on electric poles on most city streets) cause human cancer cells to permanently increase their rate of growth by as much as 1600 percent and to develop more malignant characteristics. They also are statistically significant related to the incidence of childhood cancers…there is a direct correlation between exposure to power lines and decreasing of neurological function slowing learning, producing learning disabilities and depressing emotional well-being. (p. 190, Cross Currents)

As these conclusions were gathered, new research was showing that modulations of low-strength magnetic fields could deliberately produce sleep, manic behavior, and/or diverse emotional responses. Dr. Becker surmises that some one can alter consciousness and behavior by affecting the body’s internal DC electrical system through extremely low frequency (ELF) fields.

“The overall level of consciousness is regulated by a DC current flow in the primitive, midline structures in the brain. Loss of consciousness can be produced by nulling out or reversing this flow with properly applied external DC currents or strong, steady magnetic fields. There appears to be a roughly linear relationship between the extent of consciousness loss (as judged by EEG pattern) and the amount of electrical current applied.” (p 226-7, Cross Currents)

Used for manipulative political or military purposes, this kind of mind change can be powerful and destructive—especially pernicious because it goes undetected. It cannot be seen, tasted, smelled, heard, or felt without sophisticated equipment. It could be possible for a large sending station to impact large populations by radiating certain electromagnetic frequencies.

The Good News: Positive Potentials for Healing

However, the fact that consciousness can be changed through the deliberate use of certain frequencies of electro-magnetic energy also opens the portal of possibilities to effect positive, life-enhancing changes in consciousness. It is possible to electronically stimulate the brain to experience more pleasure. It then follows it is possible to electronically stimulate the brain to enhance higher states of consciousness, self-confidence, self-determination and peacefulness. It is also possible to reinforce physical wellbeing by stimulating the pineal gland, thus strengthening the immune system and the balancing of all glandular functions in the body, helpful in overcoming disease states.

However, Becker repeats one caveat: positive enhancement of the body through external electronic stimulation must be done within the parameters of the natural electromagnetic field. Minute electrical currents have more potency for eliciting healthy transformation than large currents. He goes on to state that our using high frequency, high voltage electronics for medical diagnostics, e.g. MRI, may in fact be harmful to people. Becker strongly believes we need more research to assure the safety of using high voltage equipment within the healing arts.

Re-engaging the Life Force

Breakthroughs in bioelectronics have enhanced medical diagnostics (eg. MRI) and provided some new forms of treatment (eg. TENS units for pain relief). But the squeaky wheel is getting the attention. We continue to throw billions of dollars at the eroding foundation of our high tech bio-chemical paradigm, instead of aiming it at increasing research in electro-medicine and other alternatives that have shown promise.

There is renewed interest in working with the life force in the practice of healing and curing. The successes of this kind of work are just too effective to be overlooked. We hear about results of energy work: increasing the immune response, causing relaxation, relief from pain, strengthening the body. But, we aren’t sure what to name that life force. The religiously inclined might call it God; students of eastern spiritual philosophies may call it Chi; at the same time scientists call it electro-magnetic energy. We have to transform our language, our models and our philosophy of medicine to include engaging the life force in health maintenance.

This does not mean that we have to go backwards and mystify energy, requesting our doctors to shake rattles, appeal to the Gods for help, and bury our knowledge of physiology, bio-chemistry and physics. Instead, we can turn our highly developed technology to a study of life energy to further understand how it works within us—so we are in a position to enhance it.

Electro-medicine falls in the category of energy medicine, and it does have a scientific basis. Along with Becker, Keith Scott-Mumby, MD, specialist in environmental and allergy medicine, author of Virtual Medicine, A New Dimension in Energy Healing (1999) and James L. Oschman, PhD. ,cellular biologist, physiologist, and bio-physicist, author of Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis (2000), also bring scientific grounding to the topic, and are highly recommended for further reading.

Throughout history there have been many doctors who believed that healing had to do with working with the life force. They were called “vitalists”. As we revisit their point of view with the sensitive instruments of medical technology, we can see the wisdom in the oldest known medical document, written around 2000 BC, the Chinese Yellow Emperor’s Book of Internal Medicine which gave techniques for restoring life force through acupuncture and moxibustion. We can see the value in homeopathy which uses minute, but perceptible energies for healing, as does transmission of animal magnetism through laying-on of hands for healing. We can appreciate that science has described how growth and healing happens, and now use science to study the control system that starts this process and regulates it: a biological intelligence and information system.

Potential for Regeneration and Healing

We find minute electrical currents that act as control signals initiating and regulating both growth and healing. In a series of fascinating experiments, Becker studied salamanders’ ability to completely regenerate limbs. An electrical connection between the nerves and the skin cells initiates the regeneration. He generalized that there is a “current of injury”, a direct electrical current (DC), at the site of injury in every mammal, which continues during the healing process. The electrical polarity of healing human bone fractures was negative. All rapidly growing tissues, including cancers, were found to be negative in polarity. From this point, physicians began to successfully use electrical current to stimulate the healing of human bone fractures that had failed to heal.

After studying the electrical potentials of acupuncture points, Becker made a basic outline of the complete DC electrical growth control system:

“Input DC electrical signals carried the information that injury had occurred along the acupuncture meridians to the brain, where part of this group of signals reached consciousness and were perceived as pain. The remainder went to more primitive portions of the brain, where they stimulated similar output DC signals that caused the cells and chemical mechanisms at the site of injury to produce and repair. This is a complete closed-loop, negative-feedback control system…” (p.46, Cross-Currents)

Becker saw great potential for using his findings on the presence of high DC electrical currents in both regeneration and in cancers. He recognized a potential to both deactivate cancer growth and transform cancerous cells into normal tissue. However, adequate research funds were not available as medicine was waging war on cancer by trying to kill the cancer cells.

The potential for transformation through employing or reinforcing the electrical systems of the body could only be explored when scientists were willing to understand more about the information systems within the body. We had to disentangle our modus operandi to see disease from a wartime model of search and destroy to one that enhances communications, and trusts that the body will cooperate to find wellness. We also had to recognize that our biological systems are in constant relationship to the earth’s geomagnetic field and its fluctuations as well as man-made electromagnetic fields.

Analog and Digital Nervous Systems of the Body

In the late 1980s research revealed that the brain operates like a hybrid computer with a digital system amassing information through the chemistry of nerve cell to nerve cell transmission of pulses, and an analog system that operates by means of DC electrical currents just outside the nerve cells in the “perineural cells”. This perineural system generates electrical potentials, passes them along from one to another, and maintains the blueprint of the system, triggering new growth to fit that blueprint when necessary. This DC system also commands the nerve-impulse system, readying the neurons to fire the command to move muscles. The status of this DC system is essential to wellbeing. Working with this DC system, and/or reinforcing its intelligence and its potentials is an excellent path to implement rejuvenation and healing.

Exactly how does one reinforce this DC system? It is clear to Dr. Becker that “more is not necessarily better”, that means, inputting more electricity is not the rule of thumb. In fact, small amounts of low frequency, low voltage electricity—in alignment with what is found in nature, that is, no more than 30 Hz– can have a healing effect whereas exposure to abnormal electromagnetic fields results in significant abnormalities in physiology and function.

How to Enhance the Body’s Electrical System

Becker relates three distinct ways of turning on the body’s internal electrical information systems to enhance healing: minimal-energy techniques which turn on the body’s electrical system, energy-reinforcement techniques which build up the body’s electrical system, and high-energy transfer techniques which add to the body’s electrical system.

Minimal-Energy Techniques

“The conscious mind, in the state of profound belief, can control the operations of the body’s DC electrical growth-control system and of the immune system to produce (observable) results.” –Dr. Robert Becker, P. 98 Cross Currents

1) Hypnosis and self-hypnosis. This has a measurable electrical correlate: under hypnosis the DC potential from the front to the back of the head undergoes a drop in strength similar to the drop that occurs during very deep sleep, however suggestions can still be made to the conscious mind which have a profound impact. For example, hypnotized patients can create anesthesia so that they have no perception of pain during surgery. This is evidence of the link such that the analog brain can control the conscious brain. Yes, we can influence blood pressure, blood distribution, body temperature, respiration and digestion: previously thought to be outside our range of control.
2) Visualization, concentration, biofeedback, effective placebo therapy, and any therapeutic modality that truly changes belief structures (practices attributed to Psychoneuroimmunology) can thus effect change in both the analog and digital nervous systems. Placebo effect is capable of producing the desired medical effect in 60% of clinical cases.
3) Spiritual healing “the healer’s gift is an ability to use his or her own electrical control systems to produce external electromagnetic energy fields that interact with those of the patient. The interaction either restores balance in the internal forces or reinforces the electrical systems so that the body return toward a normal condition.” p 108…Some healers, aka medical intuitives, may be exercising their sensitivity to read certain fluctuations in the DC current of the patient—accurately ascribing them to certain known diagnoses.
4) Spiritual or religious experience (eg. meditation, Yoga, Chi Kung, etc.) Dr. James Ma, a professor of physics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong postulates that Chi Kung movements are in the specific frequency range at which the proton, the nucleus of the hydrogen atom, will absorb energy from the Earth’s natural magnetic field by means of nuclear magnetic resonance. In this way spiritual exercises such as Chi Kung nurture the body’s electrical systems.

Because the minimal energy techniques above may take time to promote healing, many people turn to techniques that externally administer energy to the body to speed the process of healing.

Energy-Reinforcement Techniques

External energies are administered to the body but in amounts similar to those that the body itself uses in its energetic control systems. Following are examples of these techniques:

1) Acupuncture: The insertion of a metallic needle into any part of the body will produce a very small electrical current, because the needle insertion produces a local current of injury and the metal of the needle reacts with the ionic solution of the body. Acupuncture points serve as “booster” electrical amplifiers for the very small DC electrical currents flowing along the meridian. In this category no externally generated electrical currents are used on the acupuncture points.
2) Homeopathy: In the early 1500s Paracelsus postulated that one could cure a symptom by giving very minute quantities of a medication that would produce the same symptom in larger doses. The effect would be to immunize the body against the disease. This was systematized by Hahnemann in 1810. In practice the homeopathic physician treats the agent of the disease and the patient’s unique reaction to it.
3) Vitamins, Trace Elements and Physical Manipulation (massage, osteopathy, chiropractic, and physical therapies of various kinds): Some trace minerals, like cobalt, may play a role in the semiconducting structures in the body. Exactly how certain vitamins and physical manipulation effects change in the electro-magnetic field/and energy system of the perineural pathways is inconclusive but apparent.
4) Bioresonance Therapies: electronic devices like the MORA and BICOM enhance harmonious oscillations in the patient and cancel out the pathological signals. Monitoring acupuncture points gives feedback on effectiveness. Success is registered when the body’s own regulatory forces reassert control and manage health.
5) Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll (EAV): To read the patient’s health, Voll, a German, created an electrical device in which the current is in the region of 10-12 microamps at a potential of 1.0-1.25 volts which is believed to be too small to stimulate any changes. It measures energetic disturbance. The EAV process can also read the impact of various supplements and remedies, to ascertain which ones will restore balance to the system. The AMI, is a similar diagnostic tool now adopted by the Japanese government for official medical screening technology.
6) Self controlled energo-neuro-adaptive regulation (SCENAR): stimulates the body’s own endogenous energies to effect the cure using the brain’s own internal pharmacy of neuropeptides. Output depends on skin energetic response. A small hand-held device is powered by a 9 volt battery. It collects electromagnetic signals, modulates them, and plays them back to the tissues. Impulse times are very short. This was developed by a leading Russian Radio-Engineering Institute and is now accepted by governmental agencies and widely used in Russia.
7) Other electro-medical devices which use low-frequency voltages for pain relief and rejuvenation.

High-Energy Transfer Techniques

Energy is administered to the body in amounts greater than those that occur naturally. The normal system is replaced by this externally derived energy.

2) Electrotherapy for Drug Addiction
3) Electrochemical devices to stimulate bone fractures
4) MRI: the patient is subjected to a very strong DC magnetic field, combined with other fields that are oscillating at radio frequencies.

Given the successes that both Royal Rife and Georges Lakhovsky had using radio waves and electric frequencies for healing (repeatedly causing remission of cancers in more than 90% of patients), it is obvious that energy transmissions to the body can have profound positive impacts. Still, the area must be researched in more depth. We must determine the possible detrimental effects of devices currently in use. Perhaps, over time, frequency devices erode the health of the body. Perhaps, X ray, TENS units, and MRI have some negative effects. Let’s make sure we fund serious research to determine the positive effects of the numerous low voltage devices now being developed—which builds on the original work of people like Rife and Lakhovsky.

Is Our Medical System Ready For This?

Medical science is big business and there is immense competition for the money involved in medical research and practice. If electrical devices really are effective in healing cancers, and relieving pain—bringing them into use for rejuvenation and healing would vastly challenge the current philosophy and practice of medicine. In turn, it would challenge the business of the pharmaceutical industry, insurance companies and hospitals. Dr. Becker’s personal experience with the politics of funding medical research is a sad testimony to the dark side of our medical institutions. (You can read his story in The Body Electric, p 330-347…basically this bright pioneer lost his funding.)

Who will be the body in the USA that decides when and how the promising electro-medical devices shall be used? Should it be the Food and Drug Administration that has the final word? Will it be a group of researchers who are ethically based, looking for a way to help humanity out of suffering caused by physical disease? Or, will it be an entity more intent on preserving the status quo, and the guarantee that those making financial gains off of our current medical procedures will not be threatened.

Consider the scope of natural disasters, viral epidemics, and social malaise. Truly, we are living in a time of great upheaval. For the first time in history, millions of people from diverse cultures are marching for peace, preferring negotiations to war. In the early 1990’s, the National Institutes of Health sponsored a group to investigate the strengths and weaknesses of complementary and alternative medical modalities. Hopefully, in this landscape of openness to change, the time will soon come to generously fund research and explore the rich promise of electro-medicine.

Our health is at risk. In 1905, one in twenty four Americans were victims of cancer. By 1971 one in three Americans contracted cancer. In 2008, one out of two men will get cancer; and one out of every three women. Cancer is epidemic in our country. AIDS is a pandemic in many countries of the world. We must seriously consider any alternatives that might strengthen us so we can resist these terrible diseases. It’s time we return to the art of medicine, a blending of the components of the positive life energies and studied skills of the physician and the energies of the earth itself. The details of this art may be exercised by the judicious use of bio-chemical medicine along with a host of proven alternatives, including low-voltage electrical devices.

Emma Bragdon, PhD. is the Director of Spiritual Alliances, and the Foundation for Energy Therapies, Inc. She is continuing her research with electronic devices for rejuvenation. She intends to produce a film on this topic in 2009.