Following are 12 articles on topics related to spirituality and mental health.   Emma Bragdon, PhD has written most of the articles, but there are two from authoritative voices on Spiritist healing in Brazil and two from  British psychiatrists.  Please feel free to reprint any of these articles or hyperlink to them as long as you include the bio of each author, as is.

What Causes Mental Disturbance?  What is Spiritual Emergency?

1. A New Look at Spiritual Emergency by Emma Bragdon, PhD;  Psychosis or Spiritual Emergence by Nicki Crowley, MD  (Note from page 6-14 is an excellent explanation of points to remember in caring for someone in spiritual emergency.

2. Spiritist View of Mental Disorders by A. Moreira-Almeida, MD, PhD and L. Netto, MD, PhD

3. Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals by G. Lucchetti, MD et al.

Evaluating Psychiatric Medication

4. PsychMeds & Violence

Channels,  Spiritual Healers and Mediumship

5. A Taste of Brazil’s Spiritist Healing Path

6. Domancic Laying On of Hands

7. Spiritualism, Healers & Channels

8. Mental Healthcare in Brazil’s Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals

9. Psychiatry and Spirit Release Therapy by A. Powell, MD

How to help spiritual teachers, gurus and channels stay balanced in a world driven by money, sex and power:

10. The Guru Papers

Bio-Electricity and Health

11. Bio-Electricity for Health