Dr. Emma Bragdon

  • Provides mental health care from an integrative perspective (body/mind/spirit & relationship to social network)
  • Believes that cultivating a relationship to “spirit” or “higher power” is an essential component of optimal wellness.
  • Advocates  minimizing the use of psychiatric drugs and maximizing more natural, holistic supports to wellness.
  • Refers individuals  to an integrative/ holistic psychiatrist  or other provider when they want to withdraw from psych meds and/or strengthen brain function using natural supplements.

Clients receive:

  • Support for looking at mental health care from new perspectives
  • Support in personal development and managing life choices positively
  • Support for spiritual emergence
  • Integration/ making sense of experiences with John of God especially if expectations were not met
  • Managing spiritual emergency* or other intense life experiences that may occur on our life journeys
  •  Support from a mature perspective: Dr. Bragdon has dedicated 45+ years to working with others seeking help with emotional disturbances, writing books and creating films about mental health and optimal wellness
  • Our office is not a clinic and is not set up to offer crisis counseling alone; only as part of a team effort.

Modalities used by telephone or skype:

  • Counseling/ life coaching
  • Referrals to residential treatment in the USA and Brazil, as needed.
  • Consultation for loved ones caring for a person in crisis
  • Collaboration with and/or referral to psychiatrists who can help with medications and/or micronutrients and diet to aid in recovering stability of the body/mind.  This may include help withdrawing from psychiatric drugs.

If you are coming to the Vermont office in person:

  • BioEnergy Therapy (Domancic Method) may also be available, as needed.

“I found Emma to be a person who walks that fine line between holding space for each person to take self-responsibility, and also being there as a loving support as each one’s own unique experience unfolds.”  -L. Davidson, Michigan

* Spiritual Emergency: A crisis in which a person needs to integrate expanded states of consciousness that may be a preview or portal into operating from a new perspective in life with more compassion and wisdom.  If persons undergoing this experience are given psychiatric drugs over the long-term, it can obstruct the positive potential of the experience.   Dr. Bragdon wrote two of the most well-known books on SpiritualEmergency, for health professionals and laypeople.

“Dr. Bragdon was my attentive guide. She provides the wisdom of experience. I consider her as the primo resource in getting the most from a journey toward true healing.”    — D. Arnold, St. Augustine, FL


Available for phone/email/skype consultations,
Email: Emma Bragdon, PhD.
Phone: 802-674-2919 in Vermont

Training of Emma Bragdon, PhD.

Over a decade of training with Neo-Reichian body-oriented therapists

PhD in Transpersonal Psychology
Licensed as a Marriage, Family, Child Therapist in 1988
Teacher of 9-day experiential workshops to accelerate spiritual growth for 13years
11 years bringing more than 60 groups to visit John of God in Brazil, 5 years bringing healthcare providers to learn from Spiritist Community Centers and Psychiatric Hospitals
Author of two classic books on Spiritual Emergency
Author of 4 books on Spiritual therapies used in Brazil (see link at bottom of page)
Co-producer of two films on healing
Profound personal experience with spiritual emergence phenomena
Intuitive gifts for use in healing
Extensive training with Native American, Buddhist, Hindu, and Brazilian spiritual teachers

More detailed Bio.

Personal Statement: Born with gifts of clairsentience* and clairvoyance**, I learned to develop and harness my intuitive skills starting in 1964 training with advanced spiritual teachers. In the early 1990’s I began supervising teachers, as well as helping hundreds of others in 13 years of leading workshops.  When I was asked to be a guide for people coming to see John of God in Brazil in 2001, I accepted and  led more than 60 groups of individuals seeking healing in Brazil.  I have also become familiar with many other Spiritist Centers, and cultivated professional relationships with psychiatrists, psychologists and mediums who work within Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals in Brazil.

*Clairsentience: the empathic ability to accurately sense what another being is feeling.
**Clairvoyance: clear seeing of subtle energies that inform what we see and know.

I have personally experienced every category of spiritual emergence phenomena. I have gone through the disorientation that comes with altered states of consciousness, become familiar with the terrain, transcended the fears of the unknown, and landed firmly on the ground. I am also a mother and a grandmother.

Time, Fees, Insurance:

  • Session length: 1 Hour
  • Fees: $150 per hour
  • Payable by credit card

  • Our office is not set up for insurance payments
  • We can sometimes offer sliding scale on request.

To schedule an appointment: please email or call Dr. Bragdon directly in Vermont: 802-674-2919

“Once the concept of Spiritual Emergence is understood, psychotherapy will have broken the sound barrier. I trust that Emma Bragdon’s “Sourcebook” will make an important contribution to this hoped for breakthrough.”– Brother David Steindl-Rast, prolific author and leader in interfaith dialogue.

“[Bragdon’s} Sourcebook is a valuable resource for anyone interested in spiritual experiences and their relationship to psychological health and pathology. It is a clear, concise statement about the nature of spiritual emergencies and appropriate treatment modalities. It deserves careful reading by mental health professionals as well as lay people who are exploring their own spiritual growth. It provides a well-balanced perspective and a wealth of useful information.”– Frances Vaughan, PhD., author of Beyond Ego and Paths Beyond Ego

Visit Emma Bragdon’s wellness store at to see the books she has written and the books written by others that she recommends.  Her most recent book, “The Newest DSM” is available by clicking on: